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Miller Makes First Cross Crusade Podium AES Athlete Mark Miller rode to a 3rd place finish at the Cascade Locks rou...
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Kennedy’s Great Weekend in The Gorge AES Athlete Ann Kennedy of the Cycling Team had a nice ...
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Kennedy takes Zaaldercross / Serrat succeeds at Fool’s Gold This past Saturday, AES athlete Ann Kennedy consolidated a strong start to ...
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Vegetarian Diet and Sports Performance–Guest Post by Natalie Brooks of OptimaDiet There are many reasons people choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.&...
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How to Put on Your Vest While Riding ...
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Build your fitness house Originally written for RaceCenterNW Magazine. Everyone has heard the old ad...
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Long Days at the OTC and Podiums in Guam

I've spent the last five days in Colorado Springs at the US Olympic Training Center.  I come here every few years to the bi-annual USAC Coaching Summit, but this time the mission was different.  I'm eligible to take my exam for Level 1 Certification, which requires specific coursework - the very coursework offered this week.  So, soon I will take my exam and, hopefully, move up to the top level of coaching certification in the US.

Perhaps more interestingly, AES athlete Chris Peariso and his wife have been spending a little time on one of my favorite little islands: Guam.  They were lucky enough to race the annual Tour de Guahan yesterday and both finished on the podium.  Read all about it right here:

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